Learning and Playing Bridge

Learning and Playing Bridge

Elan Ravishankar learns and plays Bridge at Arlington Bridge Bee's

So anybody wondering why someone like me, a 10-year-old, plays a trick-taking mind-blowing game? It all started a year ago, and yet to me, it feels like a second ago.

Motivated by my father's exploration of a new card game, The game of Bridge DUN DUN DUN! I took a year-long online course on BridgeWhiz with Coach Douglas and Couch Denise. After that, I wondered what would happen because I was surprised to get into something big. Well, I was wrong, and glad I was. I got into ACBL, aka American Contract Bridge League, and this was when I moved to Illinois, and I joined Arlington bridge bees, run by Ms.Pat.

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One pleasant Saturday morning in September 2022, my dad, the person who is trying to hone my bridge skills into great stuff, woke me up and said I was going to play bridge with older people (No Offense!). So, I learned about a whole new world, and since then, it has changed my Saturdays!

So brace yourself! I have a few more things about interacting with other bridge players. Because for your information, I started learning bridge online. The moment I tried my first game in person, I loved it! No more stupid clicks of a mouse or Technology. Just pure bridge!

Not only that I learn new methods of bridge tactics and look forward to having fun with bridge every Saturday, but also, I found a new perspective, and that perspective is don’t take things for granted! I used to take stuff for granted and not understand the suffering of billions in poverty and how they would do anything for a chance at a life like mine. I have the best parents and opportunities, and I think it’s finally time for me to take advantage of it. Thanks to the wisdom of my experienced friends for that!

The caring facility where we play bridge is the Arlington Heights senior center. Well, I couldn't thank them enough for their hospitality and care. I want to give a major thanks to all the people in the club, for you have taught me so much, and I am so grateful and happy to have this out-of-the-world opportunity.


I have mostly been talking about how I feel, but if you are reading this and you are like, what in the world is the bridge, what do you do? Well, if you have that question, I have the answer. Bridge Simplified is a card game with four people and two sets of partners. First, the cards are dealt out to all four players evenly, so everybody gets 13 cards. Then arrives the Auction. In the auction, it is like a standard auction where you try to get the deal on the cards. In your hand, you can bid on the value of the cards, and the highest bidder becomes the dealer, and their partner is the dummy. Everybody can see the dummy’s hand to know what threats they’re up against then, after that, there is the play, so you play out your hand, and that is the game of bridge. Also, if this is not very detailed for you, do not blame me 🙂

I know we have talked a bit about bridges, but what did the Arlington bridge bees teach me about bridges?

For starters, they taught me preemptive bids. In one scenario, I had the opportunity to apply the preemptive bid, and it felt FULFILLING! They also taught me how to arrange my hand as a dummy and many more. I am so lucky and grateful to be part of this family. This facility never disappoints me, and I learn something new and get better each time I am here! It is insane to have loads of fun and learn cool techniques. Thank You!