The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games - Book Review

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One day my dad bought me a new book. And he said it was good. It was called THE HUNGER GAMES! This book was a door into a world I could not get out of; because I had just started and couldn't stop reading the thrilling, addicting, satisfying, dramatic and mind-blowing book, THE HUNGER GAMES!


The book took about a week to read. I most enjoyed how the characters played a vital role in the plot.

Here are my top three.

To begin, the woman you have all been waiting for, KATNISS!!!!! This character made it all happen. That's right. We are talking about the main character Katniss and man, has she made a name for herself in this book as the tribute who deceived the Capitol itself. This is the first thing that made me love her. Two more things: 1. She kept her family alive. 2. She sacrificed her life for Prim, her little sister. That's saying something and these three determining factors have landed her high on the list of iconic characters.

My second favorite character has to be Peeta, yes, iconic, iconic PEETA! Especially because of his relationship with Katniss, which gave him a one-way ticket to second.

And finally, my personal favorite, RUE! Yep, the 12-year-old girl from District 11. I myself am ten and this young age really made me bond with Rue. Also, her caring close relationship with Katniss made her pretty iconic.

Oookay, I am done for the day whoo man, anyways.

I hope you enjoyed this and thank you for reading my review of THE HUNGER GAMES!!! Elan